Our school was once again distinguished by its participation in the competition “Her Stories,” an Erasmus program funded by the European Union. We were deeply honored to receive an award for our podcast, “Tribute to Sarah Yeshua-Forti.” The project was a collaborative effort and paid tribute to an extraordinary woman and a largely unknown aspect of history. The students, Papadaki Asimina, Papadimitriou Theodora, Antigoni-Maria Urmani, and their teacher Efraimidou Katerina, traveled to the capital of Hungary at the expense of the organizers to attend the award ceremony of the competition, which took place on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

The students, along with their equally distinguished classmates from other countries (Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland), were guided to places of historical memory, participated in educational activities, watched and discussed films from Centropa’s collection, and had the unique opportunity to talk with a Holocaust survivor, Vera Szekeres-Varga. In their short speech, they shared their experiences with those present and thanked the contributors for the opportunity offered to them. They specifically mentioned:

“Working on this podcast allowed us to uncover the incredible story of Sarah Yeshua-Forti, a Jewish woman who showed immense courage during World War II. She defied gender and religious stereotypes to become a symbol of resistance and solidarity. Through our research, we learned about the significant contributions of Greek Jews to the National Resistance, and it was a privilege to share Sarah’s story with a wider audience.” (Urmani Antigoni – Maria)

“Sarah’s story is not just about her bravery, but also about the power of inclusion and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. She was a young woman who not only fought against the Nazis but also inspired others to join the resistance. Her legacy reminds us that regardless of our background, we can all make a difference. This project has been an eye-opening experience, and we hope it helps keep the memory of such heroes alive.” (Papadaki Asimina)

“Creating this podcast was a journey through history and a deep dive into the lives of those who fought for freedom and justice. Sarah Yeshua-Forti, or Captain Sarika, as she was known, taught us about the importance of resilience and the impact one individual can have on their community. This award encourages us to continue exploring and sharing stories that deserve to be heard. Thank you to the organizers of the ‘Her Stories’ competition for this incredible opportunity. This experience has been invaluable for us, and we are grateful for the recognition. Thank you.” (Papadimitriou Theodora)

The students and their teacher stayed in Budapest from May 31st to June 3rd and visited the monuments and sights of the city, enjoyed a cruise on the Danube, and completed their journey in this fairytale city colored by Magyar kings, Ottoman conquerors, Habsburg emperors, and Communist Secretaries, which today is full of vitality from the young men and women who visit it.

Dear students, Congratulations for your efforts.

Award – Educational Trip to Budapest